Corporate design

What is the name of your company?
How do your customers call your company?
What are your services?
Who are your customers?
What is your core business?
What would you like to make your core business?
Which attribute suits best your corporate style?
Are you innovative, or is your company impressive on account of tradition and quality handshake?

By simple consultation talks or by moderation of a complex process, we will figure out, which “clothing style” best suits the character of your company or product.

In corporate design, it is not a matter of designing each and everything by the numbers, but to render visible the handwriting of the same sender in all measures. There are different demands for print, the web or, for instance, outdoor advertising, which must be considered, in order to facilitate good profits for your investment in the presentation of your company or products.

We develop concepts for a uniform appearance of your company! We will gladly also design all printed forms according to your existing corporate design, in order to safeguard recognition.

A solid “corporate design manual” is the basis for designing all desired media. We define color codes and fonts up to design elements and design templates. The CD manual creates clarity within the company, and this saves time, money, and improves the public image.

Please do not hesitate to contact us – we will gladly consult you!