Logo development


A logo serves in the first place as a mark and indication of your company or your product, and is nowadays an essential part of successful external communication. Logos serve as an orientation and decision-making aid, in order to be able to clearly identify a company and its offers.

Together with you we will figure out, to which demands your company logo has to come up, and develop a concept, and design your logo from the fitting coloring up to a convincing slogan or acronym.

We will gladly also draw up evaluation documents and organize an interview of the target group, so that we find the ideal solution for you through constructive feedback.

Due to our know-how in advertising technology, already in the stage of graphic development of logos, we take into consideration the later demands of reproduction. The logo must work in color as well as in black and white or shades of grey, large or small, for business cards, website or car wrapping.
As a further step, we also develop the specifications for your business design (corporate design), suitable to your logo, and design all printed forms in a uniform fashion.

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