Marketing & campaigns


We are a colorful team with much positive experience of life and projects. Young, bold male and female colleagues cooperate with sober-minded long-term experts for the best-possible positioning of your company, your product or idea. We preferably help you not only in conquering short-term “markets”, but in sustainably conquering the “hearts” of your customers in the long run!

From a first evaluation of your project, your targets, visions and practical turnover aims, and drawing up of a business or marketing plan, to the implementation of the respective measure, we offer you all the services, which you may expect from an agency of your confidence. From graphics to photography, film and TV, radio advertisement, planning of fairs and point-of-sales marketing, we are your trustworthy and professional partner.

The KOMUNITAS OG as the owner of the KUTECH trademark is a sustainability agency, which has proven its competence in small, large, regional and international projects, and offers state-of-the-art company consultancy. Training and practical experience of our employees open to our customers various branches and topic areas, from waste management to biomedical engineering, from soil conservation to development aid and optimization of production of industrial enterprises, from traditional cost accounting to consultation concerning European legal forms: Take the chance to have a special glance at your project together with us!


You are the experts of your daily business. As a first step, knowledge available of the enterprise shall be gathered, and turned into a strong strategy through additional inputs and measures. In development as well as in implementation of this strategy you may fully rely on us!

Frequently, it is a matter of providing for clarity in an enterprise.

  • What are my corporate targets?
  • What does my company stand for?
  • Which values are fundamental for my daily business operation?
  • Is our guiding principle on the right track? – Do we have a guiding principle at all?
  • Do innovative projects of our company strengthen a positive image among our own staff, or do they create insecurity?
  • Do you get the maximum output from your existing measures?

We will gladly initiate and moderate the relevant processes in your company. Frequently it is only small changes that have to be made, in order to considerably increase the efficiency of measures. We support you in joining forces, in providing for clarity, and in increasing the efficiency of your measures. In addition, we offer our expert knowledge on new media, public relations and the like. Use our potential for your sustainable company success!

We enjoy the professional and appreciative cooperation with our customers of various sizes! From an international company limited by shares and public institutions of the federal state, provinces and municipalities down to regional small and medium-sized enterprises as well as social enterprises and projects, we strive to be a real partner for our customers, and consult each single one with complete dedication.

Send us your enquiry – we are looking forward to an exciting cooperation!