ERP systems


We develop ERP systems as a precondition for timely planning and control, suited to demand, of your company, whether as an independent tool for the administration of your company-specific resources or interconnected with a shop system and / or CRM system. Thereby, a process of value creation as efficient as possible and constantly optimized is safeguarded.

In addition to the core function of ERP systems, to have all materials required for production at the right time in the right place and in the right amount, through networking with IT systems (for instance online shops) nearly unlimited possibilities arise for planning within the company.

Functional areas of our ERP systems:

  • Materials management
    materials requirement planning
  • Capital requirement planning
    financial and cost accounting
    sales and marketing
  • Human resources planning
    master file administration
    time recording
  • Planning of capital equipment
    product data management
  • Depiction of several customers (for instance concerning business locations)
  • Interface, e.g. to forwarding agents (automated logistics)